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China---Its economy keeps growing despite of global financial crisis

China---Its economy keeps growing despite of global financial crisis China’s manufacturing industry is hit by the global financial crisis inevitably and facing operation difficulties due to export drop, however, Chinese economy has recovered from the crisis firstly and keep growing due to a series of policies, including investing 40,000 billion RMB into construction of infrastructural facilities which carried out at the end of 2008, China’s Home Appliance Subsidy Program for Rural Areas, China’s Car Subsidy Program for Rural Areas, etc. on the purpose of expanding domestic demand and stimulating economic growth.

Further, a large amount of business will be promoted by the establishment of ASEAN-China Free Trade Area. The completion of negotiation on ASEAN-China Free Trade Area means that ASEAN-China Free Trade Area which will create a economic region with 19 billion population and a regional GDP of 60,00 billion US dollars is set to be established by 2010. ASEAN has 10 country members, a population of more than 5 million, and a total area of 4.5 million square kilometers. Most countries of ASEAN are developing countries and there is a large growing market.



Pearl River Delta Market Potential
 Guangdong is located in south China, with an area of 179,766 square kilometers. In 2007, Guangdong’s GDP is 3.06 trillion yuan ($422 billion), which has overtaken that of Taiwan for the first time following 14.5% growth. It is also greater than those of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, Republic of Korea which are known as Asia’s Four Little Dragons. Pearl River Delta has become the world manufacturing center. The GDP of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan, Huizhou and Jianmen,Zhaoqin have accounted for 79.87% of Guangdong’s. Industries in autos, chemicals, IT, raw materials, biological techniques and lighting are developing rapidly.


Industries related to Surface Finishing in Pearl River Delta




Autos and its parts


Electronics, PCB, Mechanics


Electronics, Electric Machines, Furniture, Toys, Chemicals


IT, Electric and communication equipments, Electric instruments, Mechanics


Aluminum Materials, Coatings, Furniture, Home Electric Application, Auto Parts


Digital Products, Communication Products


Lighting, Home Electric Application, Hardware, Coatings






Guangzhou—Step forward to International Automobile Manufacturing Base

The automotive industry in Guangzhou is increasing by 40% year by year since Honda Guangzhou created a new beginning in 1997. The output of car in Guangzhou has been taking the place of Shanghai and become the first one since the third quarter of 2008. Currently, there are three whole car production bases and they are Huadu Nissan in the north, Huangpu Honda Guangzhou and Honda Export Base in the east and Toyota Base in the south. According to the new action plan, the car production in Guangzhou will be centered on the east, south and north, and strengthened on the constructions of the seven automobile manufacturing bases and state automobile auto parts export base, Nansha, Huadu, Zengcheng, Panyu, Huangpu,Conghua and Guangzhou Economic Development Zone. Guangzhou will be one of the largest and the most competitive car production, R&D and export bases by 2015.

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